Lanzarote Cycling

Road Biking and MTB on the island of the volcanoes

Lanzarote Races – Racing calendar 2018 - 2019

(Update of October 2018)

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Ocean & Lava Triathlon

Ocean Lava Triathlon Logo
  • Ocean & Lava for Kids various distances
  • Olympic distance: 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run
  • Half distance: 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, 21 km rum
  • Ocean Lava Sprint, distances: 0,5 K - 10 K – 2K

With Ocean & Lava, an Olympic and half distance triathlon, Kenneth Gasque, the organiser of the Ironman, got again a fantastic event off the ground. The athletes will swim in the 21 – 23 degrees’ warm Atlantic water along the coastline of Puerto del Carmen. The bike route goes through the huge lava field of the Fire Mountains, through the National Park of Timanfaya, El Golfo and the wine region of La Geria. Exquisite is the climb in Femes The final will take place on the beach promenade of Puerto del Carmen.

Please contact us for more information.

27.10. - 28.10.2018

Fudenas (through Fuerteventura with the MTB)

150 km by MTB from North to South of Fuerteventura. Hobby bikers and bike tourists can cover the course in 2 stages during two days. Overnight accommodation in the camp.

02. – 16.11.2018

International bike weeks

Causing enthusiasm and demanding, recommendable if you can cycle 3 – 5 hours at about 21 – 30 h/km. There will various climbs and challenges. We will take in consideration the level of the participants.


“Haría Extreme” Mountain marathon

  • X km for Kids
  • 22 km
  • 33 km
  • 44 km
  • 94 km

24.- 25.11.2018

Swimrun Lanzarote

Run through on beaches, moles, rocks, tracks and asphalt roads, furthermore open water swimming.

25. – 28.11.2018

International Running Challenge

Four races with international participation, organised on four consecutive day over different types of terrain and various distances.


  • 10 km road race
  • 13 km ridge run / mountain marathon
  • 5 km beach run
  • 21 km race on road and dirt tracks

22.11. – 16.12.2018

Swimming Camp

For short and long distance triathletes (over 18 years) wishing to improve in the swimming discipline.


International Lanzarote Marathon (Costa Teguise)

  • 5 km
  • 10 km
  • half-distance marathon
  • marathon

08.- 13.12.2018

MTB Training Week


14. - 20.12.2018

Bike Week

(Language: English) During this week you will test your legs and face with steep and long climbs; you will drive between 500 and 600 km at a speed of 24 – 30 km/h. You should be able to pedal 3 – 5 hours daily. People, who haven’t been training at all, will probably find it difficult to keep the pace.

2019 (Date not yet con firmed)

Carrera de Mascaritas, Tinajo



  • Kids
  • 5 km
  • 10 km

4. - 17.01.2019

Bike Week

to improve technique and training.

18. - 24. January 2019

MTB Training Week

through the beautiful landscape of Lanzarote.

26.- 29.01.2019

4 stages MTB Race Lanzarote

for elite and amateur riders, with easier and stronger demanding routes on varied terrain of tarmac roads, sand, lava fields as well different Roads- and Tracks-Surfaces. 90% of the course is off-road. Race schedule:


  • Saturday, 26th of January, approx 42 km
  • Sunday, 27th of january, approx 60 km
  • Monday, 28th of January, approx 21 km (Time Trial)
  • Tuesday, 29th of January, approx 81 km

25.January – 01. February 2018

Swim Run Training

with main emphasis on open water technique technique, for beginners and advanced participants.

01.- 07.Februar 2019

Triathlon Camp Training

for Triathletes of every level. Language: english

15.- 21.02.2019

Bike Week

to kick off the cycling season

2019 (Expected on march, dates and distances will be confirmed)

Ultra Bike Santa Rosa (the event for all MTB's friends)

3 stages:


  • Time trial (on La Graciosa)
  • 112 km (on Lanzarote)
  • 54 km (on Lanzarote)

22.02. - 07.03.2019

Long Distance Triathlon Camp

for beginners up to the advanced participants wishing to prepare themselves for the season or to get a training basis.

09. March 2019 (Date not yet confirmed)

Bergzeitfahren/Uphill Time Trial/Crono Escalada

for both ladies and gentlemen participation. 11 km, 580 m difference in altitude between de Garita (Arrieta) and alto de Malpaso.

09. – 10. März 2019

Challenge 8th Island – Desafío octava Isla

Triathlon Cross und Trail on La Graciosa


  • 09. March Trail Kids
  • 09. March Triathlon Cross: 1000 m swim, 20 km Bike, 6 km run
  • 10. March Trail: 31 km or 20 km or 8 km

08. - 14.03.2019

Hiking Week

Interesting rambling and walking through the beautiful volcanic landscape of Lanzarote. One day is reserved to drive along the coast with the MTB.

15. - 21.03.2019

Swim Camp

One week in the pool and open water. Participants of all levels are welcome, but they should be able to swim a minimum of 50 m crawl, to treat water and be confident swimming in deep water. The minimum age is 16 years.

23. 03. 2019

TRI:122 Lanzarote-– Internationales Triathlon / Costa Teguise



  • Long Distances: 2 km swim – 85 km bike – 20 km run
  • Short Distances: 1 km swim - 60 km bike – 10 km run


International Bike Week

through the amazing landscape of Lanzarote, looking forward to face with new challenges in the new season. Cyclists of any level are welcome, but you should be able to cycle 3 – 5 hours daily, at a speed of 24 – 30 km /h. At the end of the week, you will have covered a way of approx 350 km.

29.03. – 04.04.2019

Radwoche International

on the beautiful routes of Lanzarote, only for fun or to improve your fitness for new challenges. For this event there are english speaking guides.

26.04. – 02.05.2019

Triathlon Camp for beginners

covering various distances. Participants will increase their technical knowledge of triathlon-sport and improve their fitness.


Volcano Triathlon

Olympic Distances: 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run.

May – September 2019 (Dates not confirmed yet)

Open Water Swim Challenge / Copa de Natación en aguas abiertas

10 open water swimming competitios around the coastline of Lanzarote at least between 1.2 km and 2 km over several weeks from mai to september.


Sailfish Open Water Lanzarote

Swim distances (Puerto del Carmen) depending on the category: 3,800 m, 1,900m, 800 m, 400 m, 200 m.


IronKids Lanzarote for children and young people (7 - 17 years)

Run – swim - run (Distances depending on the category).


Ironman Lanzarote



  • 3.8 km swim
  • 180 km bike
  • 42.2 km run

End of June 2019 (Exact date and distance not yet confirmed)

MTB Marathon

Distance: 60 km North of Lanzarote. Start Garita-Beach, Arrieta

07. - 13.06.2019

Long distance Bike Camp

in english. You will have the opportunity to prepare yourself for important events.

Middle of June 2019 (Dates, distances and finishing not yet confirmed)

Lanzarote Wine Run

through the vineyards of La Geria region.


  • 23.2 km cross-run Start at 09:00 Finishing: Uga
  • 12.9 km run cross-run Start at 09:30 Finishing: Uga
  • Trekking/walking Start at 09:30 Finishing: Uga

August 2019 (Exact date will be confirmed later)

Triathlon Real Club Náutico Arrecife



  • 750 m swim
  • 20 km bike
  • 5 km run

06. – 12.09.2019

Bike week for Seniors over 50 years.

Cycling through a fantastic volcanic landscape on demanding routes. If you are looking to prepare for a season event or just to bike for fun, this is a good opportunity to end the present season. You will cycle with other participants and we take in consideration your level of fitness and ability.


Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote



  • 1.9 km swim
  • 20 km bike
  • 5 km run

Expected in the middle of October 2019 (Exact date not yet confirmed)

Swim Crossing Lanzarote – La Graciosa / Travesía a nado “EL Rio”

ca. 2,600 m